Benefits of Web3 Tools

On the second date of the CryptoCantina® supported by Pizza DAO on Thursday, October 26, 2023, modern communication tools built on blockchain, by Push Protocol, were presented, which can be implemented in apps and websites, in order to improve the user experience and facilitate the adoption of technology.

After welcoming the people who have been joining these efforts of the Educational Committee of the Costa Rica Blockchain Association, to build community and share knowledge about the opportunities offered by the ecosystem, Alejandra García director of collaborations of The U P º Collective for Pizza DAO and Push Protocol, gave a brief review of the 3 pillars that support the mission of Pizza DAO:

  • Continue growing as a global cooperative of pizza restaurants, implementing real estate tokenization and offering services to its same network.
  • Expand the #GlobalPizzaParty to more countries, together with Web3 communities.
  • Send pizza to those who build communities around blockchain technology, as has happened in Costa Rica during this season of talks at the CriptoCantinas®, and as will happen at Blockchain Week during Ethereum Costa Rica Day.

The main objective of presenting these solutions is to help the AsoBlockchain Costa Rica community become familiar with Web3 tools. Also encourage them to explore all the opportunities that global organizations are providing to experience modern collaboration dynamics. It will be interesting to evaluate the possibility of implementing a notification channel about Blockchain Week and allowing associates to stay up to date with the progress of activities.

Push is the web3 communication protocol. Push Protocol enables cross-chain messaging and notifications for dApps, NFTs, wallets, and services linked to wallet addresses in an open, gas-free, and platform-agnostic manner. The open communication layer allows any crypto wallet to access the network and transmit communication. To stay tuned to Push Protocol Linktree.