Positive Vibes: The Optimism Event

On February 15, 2024, the Blockchain Association Costa Rica (Asoblockchain) hosted a vibrant Optimism Day celebration at Cripto Cantina in the Jardín de Lolita. This special event, supported by InBest, was dedicated to welcoming newcomers and fostering an environment of learning and discovery.

Participants had the opportunity to learn about grants and alternative methods to generate income beyond traditional ones. Daniel Bejarano, a dedicated Open Source blockchain developer, shared insights into the Web3 landscape, discussing the potential of DAOs, hackathons, and open-source initiatives for contributing to public goods and leveraging tools within the community.

A significant highlight was the OPday InBest session, which outlined ways to engage with Web3 and the Optimism ecosystem. Discussions covered the roles within the Token House, including token holders and delegates, and the governance proposal voting process. The Citizen House segment focused on the involvement of Optimism citizens in retroPGF voting, further emphasizing the community’s role in shaping the ecosystem.

Special guest Robert Ramirez, founder of the Checkmyticket platform, shared his journey in fundraising within the Web3 space, offering valuable insights and inspiration to attendees.

Alfredo Bonilla, a seasoned Senior Web Developer and Mentor, delved deeper into Web3 employment and earning opportunities, providing guidance on how to navigate and seize the best prospects in this evolving field. Furthermore, he shared advice on how to improve productivity and adapt one’s work style to modern challenges without sacrificing quality of life.

The event served as a beacon for those curious about the blockchain and eager to explore the myriad opportunities it presents. Through knowledge sharing and community building, the day marked a significant step forward in making the Web3 space more accessible and understandable to all.