Launching 2024 with Renewed Energy

Future of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies at a glance

On the night of January 18 at the Lolita Garden in Barrio Escalante, the Cripto Cantina witnessed a vibrant event, where enthusiasts and professionals in the sector gathered to share knowledge and visions about the crypto future. Under the moderation of Roxana Zamora, the round table became the setting for an enriching debate that covered the most impactful trends of 2023 and the projections for 2024.

Key Topics Discussed

  • Bitcoin in the Spotlight: discussed the growth of Bitcoin, its market capitalization and the optimism generated by Bitcoin ETFs and the anticipation of the next halving.
  • The Rise of Web3: analyzed how Web3 projects have captured the attention of investors, marking a year of diversification and capital expansion.
  • Revival of Blockchain Gaming: celebrated the resurgence of blockchain-based gaming, highlighting the increase in the number of unique active wallets.
  • Projections for 2024: discussed emerging trends, focusing on Bitcoin, DeFi, NFT and blockchain gaming developments.
  • Growth and Adoption: observed the growing adoption of blockchain technology and its integration in multiple sectors, highlighting the increase in trust in these technologies.
  • Impact of Regulation: discussed how new regulations are shaping the crypto landscape and their effect on market stability and perception.
  • Sustainable Innovation in DeFi: projected a future full of continuous innovation and sustainable development, with a clear focus on mass adoption and the search for scalable solutions.


Johnny Tarsica enlightened participants with his perspectives on the Bitcoin Halving and bitcoin ETFs, unraveling the layers of one of the most anticipated events in the world of cryptocurrencies. While Alberto Chávez introduced to his new NFTs project and shared insights about XRP technology, expanding the vision of the possibilities that these technologies offer. For his part, Alberto Galán added to the debate his analysis of the topics discussed throughout the evening.


The event was also an excellent opportunity for new and veteran AsoBlockchain members to exchange ideas, create new ties, and explore collaboration opportunities. The attendance of 25 people, including enthusiasts and members of the Association, demonstrated the sustained interest and constant growth of our community.

A Commitment to the Future

“Crypto Reconnection,” not only marked the beginning of a new year full of promises and projects, but also reaffirmed Cripto Cantina’s commitment to education, constructive debate, and mutual support within the digital asset space.

The key-point of the evening

As a finishing touch, each attendee received an exclusive POAP, designed especially for this event, as proof of their presence and participation in this significant night. This digital token symbolizes not only the knowledge gained and shared experiences during the evening, but also the continued evolution of our community on the blockchain path.

We hope that all participants felt the same inspiration and enthusiasm as us, and that this POAP serves as a lasting reminder of the innovative and collaborative spirit that characterizes us.

Thank you for joining us and we’ll see you at the next Crypto Cantina® meeting!