Duo Cripto Cantina Adventures

The Asociación Blockchain Costa Rica (AsoBlockchain) marked a significant achievement on February 22, 2024, by organizing two distinct Cripto Cantinas. One event, Ask Me Anything (AMA) con BNB Chain, was held in a virtual setting, while the conventional one took place in the lively district of Barrio Escalante en Jardin de Lolita.

Virtual Cripto Cantina Highlights

At midday, the virtual event commenced with an exclusive AMA session featuring Martín Gutiérrez, the Community Marketing and Growth Manager for Latin America and Spain. Gutiérrez provided valuable insights into the BNB Chain ecosystem, discussing topics such as the 2024 roadmap for BNB, the innovative opBNB layer 2 solution that enhances the performance and scalability of the BNB Smart Chain network, and decentralized storage with Greenfield BNB.

And presential

In the afternoon, the traditional Cripto Cantina at Barrio Escalante en Jardin de Lolita hosted an open mic session focused on Regenerative Finance (ReFi) with support of Celo. Attendees were able to showcase their projects or project concepts with a specific focus on ReFi, fostering an atmosphere for collaborative conversations and idea exchange, with the aim of pre-selecting the best projects for the ReFi Costa Rica Collaborative Business Incubator 2024.

Stay tuned for updates on future events, workshops, and opportunities within the blockchain community. We look forward to seeing you at our next event!