Costa Rican Innovative Projects

The Asociación Blockchain Costa Rica (AsoBlockchain), with the support of CryptoCharlie, hosted an Open Mic session in Santa Ana on September 14, 2023, focused on the Costa Rican projects of ReFi and web3. The session provided a platform for each project’s presenter to showcase their vision and progress, followed by an interactive Q&A session.

Karla Cordoba, the Vice-President of the AsoBlockchain Board, greeted the audience with enthusiasm and provided an inspiring overview of the upcoming annual TicoBlockchain Event scheduled for November 23, 2023.

Five exceptional projects were presented during the event, each making its unique contribution to the blockchain ecosystem:

  1. CofiBlocks: A collaborative coffee community business venture.
  2. The Jaguar Track: Venturing into the world of NFTs with stunning imagery of jaguars and transitioning from web2 to web3.
  3. Fractiona: A platform focused on real estate tokenization, with an emphasis on sustainable construction practices.
  4. Criptociudad San Jose: An alliance of projects and businesses promoting the use of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. The project aims to facilitate widespread adoption and onboarding to the crypto space.
  5. Focusing on the tokenization of precious Mesoamerican woods and transitioning from web2 to web3.

Open Mic session showcased the immense potential of the Costa Rican blockchain ecosystem and highlighted the commitment to innovation and sustainability.

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