Enthusiastic crowds in discussion of ReFi

The Blockchain Association Costa Rica (AsoBlockchain) CriptoCantina® Event gains momentum with each gathering, attracting an ever-increasing number of participants. This week’s CriptoCantina, held on July 18, 2023, was no exception as the community came together for an engaging open mic session focused on Regenerative Finance.

Each participant was given the spotlight to passionately discuss their ideas and actively seek input from the engaged audience. The open mic format fostered a lively exchange of ideas and perspectives, sparking inspiration among all present. Notably, this dynamic interaction not only refined the ideas presented but also laid the groundwork for potential partnerships and collaborations among the forward-thinking attendees.

We are thrilled to witness the continuous growth of our AsoBlockchain community“, said Otto Mora, the AsoBlockchain Board Member.

The event buzzed with energy as the open mic session reached its conclusion and smoothly transitioned into a networking session, where discussions centered around the transformation of the financial landscape through innovative and regenerative practices.

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