Crypto Assets Market Law

The Blockchain Association of Costa Rica (AsoBlockchain) and Crypto Charlie collaborated to host a CryptoCantina® series event. This event was held in a warm and energetic atmosphere and brought together industry leaders, including green energy experts, as well as legal professionals and other experts from the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

The presence of a diversity of experts provided a unique opportunity to exchange knowledge and network with important market players. During the event, attendees engaged in fascinating discussions on relevant and novel topics, such as updates on the Crypto Assets Market Law (MeCA), giving its keynotes vision.

Feel the atmosphere

In addition, members of the Board of the Association shared details about the development of the Association and its commitment to projects that attract investment to Costa Rica. The event concluded with the announcement of an exclusive promo for 2023 Formula 1 Miami GP, available only to members of the Blockchain Association CR. This news generated enthusiasm among the attendees and highlighted the importance and level of excellence of this select group of professionals. In general, CryptoCantina® was an unforgettable experience, full of learning, fun and networking.