Exploring the Power of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly gaining popularity and evolving at an unprecedented pace. To comprehend how it empowers individuals and businesses, the Blockchaion Association Costa Rica (AsoBlockchain) organized an AI CriptoCantina® session on September 21, 2023, in Jardin de Lolita in Barrio Escalante. Participants came together to gain insights, expand their knowledge of AI tools, explore real-world use cases, and grasp current business trends.

The event featured a comprehensive agenda. The session began with a presentation on AI, designed to familiarize and validate participants’ understanding of AI and its current tools. The next segment focused on sharing the perceived benefits of AI and discussing the associated risks across various industries. Participants engaged in lively discussions about the positive impacts and potential challenges posed by AI adoption.

As practical learning is often the most effective, the event provided an opportunity for attendees to explore AI tools for communication, image generation, and video creation. The highlight of the session was a live demonstration, guided by the AsoBlockchain Education Committee Member Luis Cajiao, that showcased the creation of the hypothetical brand ‘Ajilantro’ from scratch, including the development of slogans, images, and a promotional video, all with the assistance of AI. Remarkably, this entire process was accomplished in less than one hour.

Many thanks to the participants for their positive attitude and keen interest in the topic, as well as for fostering engaging discussions between the business and developer groups. It was truly fascinating to witness the perspectives from both sides on these highly relevant issues.