What are the NFTs

The recent CriptoCantina® event, on October 19, 2023 in Jardin de Lolita, Escalante neighborhood with the support of the Education Committee of the Costa Rica Blockchain Association, where Roxana Zamora from AsoBlockchain Costa Rica was in charge of the presentation, was a resounding success, with a participatory attendance.

A special thanks to Pizza DAO for sponsoring the event, which added a relaxed and social touch to the evening.

The event had the valuable participation of the Costa Rican artist Dani Muñoz. Dani shared her personal journey from her beginnings in traditional art to her foray into the digital world of NFTs during the pandemic. She offered us advice, talked about her challenges and how NFTs have transformed her creative process.

Event atmosphere was filled with positive energy and a marked interest in the universe of NFTs, covering essential topics such as how to create your first NFT, the most popular platforms to buy and sell these digital assets, and an analysis of the most iconic NFT works sold up to date.

The following points were covered:

  • Basic concepts and applications of NFTs.
  • Creating an NFT from scratch.
  • How to introduce an NFT to an online marketplace.
  • Special reserved time for a question and answer segment, allowing attendees to clarify their doubts and generate an enriching debate.

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